Black Spray Foam

So as a farmer, how much money are you spending each and every year for energy? Is it $1,000 a year? Perhaps $10,000 a year? Maybe even $100,000 a year? How much are you going to spend in 5 years? How about in 10 years? The costs are staggering to the American farmer and while this was not something that had to be dealt with in the past, in today's economy these energy costs could make the difference between making a profit or seeing a loss this year. If you are looking for a way to make your barn air tight, look for ag-tight black spray foam to give you results.

$180/Per Canister
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While it may seem like a lot of work, energy savings will pay for itself in a very short period of time. For example, a 50' x 500' foot building with a 1/4" crack in it in a three-mile-per-hour breeze with an inside/outside temperature difference of 80 degrees Fahrenheit would take three gallons of propane per hour just to heat the air leakage. It is easy to see that sealing up a small crack or joint in your ag building can add up to huge savings and also provide for an air sealing that can prevent diseases and cross contamination. This is why the Spray Pod Mini is such an effective tool for air sealing almost any type of agricultural building. 

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The patent pending Spray Pod Maxi is a very affordable and effective way of applying an air sealant through a 24oz spray foam can. The Spray Pod Maxi is a portable air sealant machine that any farmer or or agriculture contractor can use to apply a low pressure SPF in hard to reach areas that are difficult or even prohibitive with a regular two component kit. The spray gun on the Maxi has been modified to allow the use of 24oz cans and because it has an adjustable nozzle pattern the operator can change from a bead pattern to a fan pattern in a matter of seconds. This allows the insulation contractor to use the Spray Pod Maxi to seal air leaks around a barn including doorways, fans, roof joints and cool cells. 

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Created in 2005, the Ag-tite Black Spray Foam was designed to accommodate farmers who want to increase their poultry house air sealing capacity. Many projects later, real results prove that the patented AireBarrier Spray Sealants and the patent pending Spray Pod 2.0 can significantly reduce the cost of performing energy retrofits on poultry farms. This high density polyurethane spray sealant helps tighten up old broiler houses or any other agricultural building, quickly and economically. Developed by Sealant Technologies, Inc, this unique agricultural spray sealant is also tough, durable and has tremendous adhesion so it can be applied to almost any surface including concrete, wood, metals and plastics.