Black Spray Foam
To Fix Your Farm
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As a farmer, how much money are you spending each and every year for energy? Is it $1,000 a year? Perhaps $10,000 a year? Maybe even $100,000 a year? How much are you going to spend in 5 years? How about in 10 years? The costs are staggering to the American farmer and while this was not something that had to be dealt with in the past, in today's economy these energy costs could make the difference between making a profit or seeing a loss each year. If you are looking for a way to make your barn air tight, look for ag-tight black spray foam to give you an increase in energy savings.

For over 5 years, Sealant Technologies has been developing a simple to use portable spray foam machine that delivers two component polyurethane sealants simply and affordably. The Spray Pod 2.0 launches in 2017 and it allows the operator to apply spray foams, air barriers and even air seal existing residential houses in a very affordable and seamless way. This allows the business to focus on doing what they do best, which is to make money. Do you have a house or a building that is in need of retrofitting? Why not add energy efficiency to that project? The Spray Pods 2.0 is the ultimate in portable high pressure spray foam equipment as it generates up to 3,000 psi.

16lb Canister
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The 16lb Canister is a unique system which we call Black Sealant designed for the industrial, agriculture or commercial industry. Because of it's unique bottom loaded self cleaning metal gun, it gives the applicator full control of the sealant and allows consistent applications of thin beads of black spray foam. It allows almost anyone to do a lot of linear feet quickly and since the sealant itself sets up within 30 minutes, it's possible to work within a tight timeline so that you can get in and out fast. Order your Black Sealant 16lb Canister from the Spray Sealants Store today.

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The Spray Pods Gun has an adapter that will allow you to spray out of a 16lb Canister. This means that all of those larger projects which in the past used a foam kit, can now be applied faster and more affordably using the Spray Pods Gun. The best news is that after your project is over, you can clean the Spray Pods Gun and store it for your next application. Order your Spray Pods Gun that attaches to the 16lb Canister today from the Spray Sealants Store.

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The portability of the Coat and Seal Spray gun will bring energy efficiency to your farm by allowing an individual farmer to make on-site repairs, seal up footer joints and even air seal metal.  The system will also provide excellent control of the application thickness, eliminating the need of calling in an expensive spray foam spraying contractor.  This black spray foam is a high density sealant that has been so effective for years when sealing up those difficult wall joints. Starting sealing your concrete footers today by ordering your Coat & Seal gun and cartridges at the Spray Sealants Store.