Do you have old rusty bins that need repair? Before you replace them, consider spraying them using the AG Sealants Platform products. This polyurethane sealant has been developed by Sealant Technologies, Inc and is a very durable air barrier which can be sprayed in direct sunlight and will adhere to almost any surface, including rusty grain bins. This will create an air seal on almost any surface, especially old rusty metals, and when applied through the Spray Foam Hybrid portable spray sealants machine your project can be accomplished quickly and affordably. 

Before Spraying
There was rust and metal in need of repair

Because it is very dense, a thin layer of AireBarrier Black will stop air, which will also stop the moisture from coming into the bin. You also get an additional amount of insulation which will help to keep your feed warmer during the colder months of winter. The Ag-tite agricultural spray sealants have been used by farmers since 2005 and is air sealing technology that can truly benefit farmers for years to come. The agseal on the bin also creates an air tight seal so that there isn't any cross contamination. 

After Spraying
The bottom portion is now sealed and repaired

The Spray Foam Hybrid was created to allow the agricultural industry to inexpensively tighten and seal barns, pullet houses, storage buildings and many other facilities on the farm. The Spray Foam Hybrid can deliver the patented AireBarrier Black and AireBarrier White spray sealants which you see applied in this bin repair application.

Sprayed Vs. Unsprayed

No Scraping, Welding or Painting