The Ag Sealants Platform was created for use in broiler barns to increase durability, even if it is left exposed. This spray technologies hard shell and heavy density creates an agseal by stopping air and moisture. The black color will not fade and it will look good, even after years of wear. Farmers need a barnseal that stops air and the Ag-Tite program has proven itself to work in many applications.

Where can the Patented AireBarriers be used? The possibilities are endless. It has been used to seal cracks, joints, walls, roofs, ridge caps, eves or even used to build walls to create a bioseal, where none existed before. It has also been used to seal up trailers, tanks, floors and even used in industrial applications like boilers and storage buildings. When used in conjunction with the patent pending Spray Foam Hybrid, the overall cost of a project can show a significant R.O.I. and many times can be calculated in months, not year's. 

Spraying AireBarrier

The Ag-Tite platform can be used on poultry farms to create an air barrier throughout the barn, whether there are small joints or cracks or if the entire wall section needs to be sealed. This type of application would allow the barn to be energy retrofitted and save 35% or more in propane use each and every year.

Because of its unique chemistry, the polyurethane sealants will adhere to building material including wood, plastic, metal and concrete. This gives the sealant the flexibility to stick to anything that is already in the poultry house, no matter what the age of the building. The biggest benefit of the Ag-tite platform is that it is fast. In a normal situation, a 400' poultry house can be completely sealed up and saving significant energy in one to two days.