Spray Gun Applicator

The portability of the Coat and Seal Spray gun will bring energy efficiency to your farm by allowing an individual farmer to make on-site repairs, seal up footer joints and even air seal metal.  The system will also provide excellent control of the application thickness, eliminating the need of calling in an expensive spray foam spraying contractor.  This product is equivalent to the Ag-tite Plus high density sealant that was so effective for years sealing up those difficult wall joints. Start saving money today by sealing up your concrete footers with the Coat & Seal spray gun. 


System Requirements

  • Gun requires at least 75psi.
  • Gun has 75psi pressure regulator installed.  Maximum pressure should not exceed 145psi.
  • At least 14 gallon tank size is recommended for continuous use. 
  • At least 5CFM at 90psi is recommended for continuous use.

Poultry Barn Wall Sealer

When using the Coat & Seal as a poultry barn wall sealer, it's important to first prepare the concrete before you spray. It may be necessary to fill in larger cracks or joints with the 16lb Canister or 24oz can foam. When you do that make sure that your application does not expand past the concrete footer joint otherwise you will have to trim off the excess. Also, make sure that the footers or dry and do not have a lot of dirt or dust on them so you want to apply the foam directly to the concrete. 

When you spray, make sure that it is smooth application and that when you are done the footer looks like all one piece. The key to resisting the darkling beetles is to keep it smooth. If there are areas where the foam stick up or " pockets " on the foam then this is a great opportunity for the darkling beetles to penetrate into the foam. 

While you can spray the entire footer, it's really not necessary. The concrete sweats and really all you care about is the joint between the concrete and the stem wall. So in order to save time and chemicals, just consider spraying the joint like the photo below. 

You will need a good 6CFM air compressor to drive the Coat & Seal Gun. You will not need much in the way of hose if you just put the air compressor on your truck and then walk down the side of the poultry house to do your work. When you do this work, make sure the air temperature is over 40 degrees. That should be pretty easy to determine. If it drops below 40 degrees then you will have challenges with the adherence of the foam onto the concrete.