With the outbreak of Samonella, many laying hen barns are looking for fast and affordable ways to improve their bio security efforts. The most affordable option is to bring the AG Sealants Platform to your facility. Since 2005, Ag-tite has been offering our Patented AireBarrier Black and AireBarrier White which work to barnseal any building. Hen Layer management can be assured that almost any maintenance projects that requires fast, bioseal and affordable solution can be achieved through the Ag-tite platform. Using our platform can be less expensive than traditional building material alternatives. Many projects can be fixed much faster than traditional building solutions, so hen layer operations can improve their maintenance costs and their bioseal program at the same time.

Why Use AireBarrier?

At the core of the Ag-tite platform is the patent pending Spray Foam Hybrid. This is a portable spray sealant machine which is very easy to operate. Someone with only a general understanding of mechanical systems will be able to run a Spray Foam Hybrid. But the real benefit comes when the project is completed and there is an air barrier seal on the wall that allows energy savings which pays for the project quickly through Energy R.O.I.

Repair Damaged Ceiling

Air barriers are systems of materials designed and constructed to control airflow between a conditioned space and an unconditioned space. The air barrier system is the primary air enclosure boundary that separates indoor (conditioned) air and outdoor (unconditioned) air. Air barrier systems also typically define the location of the pressure boundary of the building enclosure.

Sealing Entire Ceiling

While this project was quite unique, it does show the versatility of Ag-tite spray sealants. It seals up joints and cracks along with entire ceiling and roof systems. In this case, the company was going to have to take the entire roof off due to fire damage which would have been very expensive and time consuming. By using Ag-tite spray sealants, it was possible to spray this entire ceiling in less than two weeks and it saved a significant amount of time and money and allowed the operation to start up on time.

Spray Application

The Ag-tite spray sealants controls the unintended movement of air in to and out of a building enclosure. Because Ag-Tite spray sealants uses high density polyurethane technology, the combination of speed and easy application provides a tremendous way to achieve high performance on your project. If air leakage is a major concern for you and your building envelope, then this technology will provide the significant ROI that you are looking for.

Repair Broken Walls

This is a remarkable video as it shows how effective the Ag- Tite sealant adhesion is in repairing a wall that is all but falling down. It would have taken a lot of time and money to fix this wall, but with Ag-Tite, it was repaired in a matter of minutes, with very little preparation. A two man crew can fix more in a day using the Ag-Tite platform than an entire crew could do in a week using traditional building materials