Closed Cell Spray Foam

Sealant Tech from Gary Bean on Vimeo.

Ag-tite spray foam in 5 gallon pails allows farmers to accomplish small maintenance projects because they are easy to transport, manage and dispose of. This air barrier is designed to be applied through the Spray Pod 2.0 portable spray foam machine to give you great yield at an affordable equipment cost.  

Ag-tite Spray Foam is an excellent choice for air sealing and insulation. Closed cell chemistry is a much more dense type of chemistry than open cell. It has a smaller, more compact cell structure. It is a very good air barrier as well as a water vapor barrier. Are you looking to save money this winter? Then count on Ag-Tite to make your older barn more energy efficient using the Spray Foam Hybrid. 

Because this is a medium-density spray foam, it does not include any ozone-depleting blowing agents. Moreover, it is a smarter replacement for chemically-based medium density, closed-cell spray foam insulation products for architects and designers seeking a more environmentally sound option. In addition to its positive environmental footprint, this chemistry is built with closed-cell chemistry. This ground-breaking new product is set to change how the construction industry uses polyurethane chemistry thanks to the product’s superior environmentally responsible formulation and wide residential or agricultural application possibilities.