Sealant Business Opportunities

There are two types of Ag-Tite partnerships available depending upon the commitment that the individual or company would like to make.

1. Ag-Tite Full Service Partnership
2. Ag-Tite Maintenance Service Partnership

Business Opportunity #1
Ag-Tite Full Service Partnership

The Ag-Tite Full Service Partnership requires the purchase of an Ag-Tite Spray Rig ( pictured below ) which allows for the application of our soy sealant. The person or company that would look at this opportunity is most often already involved in some way in the agricultural, industrial or construction industry and is looking to create a new profit center for their business. Since there is a considerable amount of mechanical and maintenance work necessary to operate one of these units, it is very important to have a very qualified person to run the rig which would be the first requirement necessary to qualifying for this business opportunity. If you are interested please forward your inquiry through the ” Contact Us ” page.

* Equipment designed exclusively for the agricultural market * Initial Start-Up and On-Going Training * Exclusive use of all of that proprietary Ag-Tite products * Full Marketing & Sales Support from Ag-Tite * Ability to cross market into other areas including commercial, residential and industrial. * Allows large integrated companies to develop a new profit center. * Use of the Ag-Tite name brand which has been trademarked. * Unique business niche which will help generate sales in other areas


Business Opportunity #2
Ag-Tite Maintenance Service Partnership

The Ag-Tite Maintenance Service Partnership does not require as much of an up front investment and is geared much more toward that individual or company that currently does maintenance work in the agricultural, industrial or commercial industry. Again, if you are interested in this business opportunity then please use the “Contact Us” page to let us know of your interest and area of work.



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