Ag-Tite – Ag Air Barriers since 2005.

Created in 2005, the Ag-tite air barrier program was designed to accommodate farmers who want to increase their poultry house air sealing capacity. Many projects later, real results prove that the Patent Pending AireBarrier can significantly reduce the cost of performing energy retrofits on poultry farms. AireBarrier is a high density polyurethane spray sealant that helps to tighten up old broiler houses or any other agricultural building, quickly and economically. Developed by Sealant Technologies, Inc, this unique sealant is also tough, durable and has tremendous adhesion so it can be applied to almost any surface including concrete, wood, metals and plastics.


Broiler Farm Achieves35% Propane Savings

AireBarrier has been used in thousands of broiler houses since 2005. Many of the projects that have been sprayed over those year’s are still in place, saving those farmers significant energy over the life of the broiler house. Sealant Technologies can put together a program for your complex which will significantly pay for itself in a very short period of time.

Spraying AireBarrier

Sealing Brooder House Saves 25% Propane

Turkey farming is changing. For many farmers who have been growing for years, they are finding that while their turkey barns are structurally sound, their buildings themselves are energy obsolete. But what if you want to continue to grow turkeys for another 5 – 10 years ? The answer is to tighten them up with AireBarrier from Sealant Technologies. For turkey retrofit projects, this poultry house air barrier will stop air and moisture from coming into the barn.

Pullet Farms Saves Energy & Improves Bio Safety

AireBarrier offers great wall air barrier protection for pullet barns too because it creates continuity on the walls with a hard shell finish which will adhere to almost any surface. In many cases, old walls built from plywood or OSB, need an air seal to be made cleanable. This can greatly reduce any samonella that could be found on the walls due to the moisture that can build up on old wood. This particular pullet house was sprayed in one day applying just AireBarrier through the Spray Pods machine.

The Ag-tite ProgramWorks Just Ask A Farmer

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