White Sealants Are Like Caulk On Steroids

Sealant Technologies White Sealants offer the same performance as the black sealants, but in a very appealing light color. Introduced in December, 2007 by Sealant Technologies, this air barrier is popular for farmers who have broiler and hen operations.

When applied, this product offers a beautiful finish on the walls or ceiling of any agricultural building and is ideal for sealing metal, wood or plastic surfaces. Because it is a high density polyurethane air barrier, it also offers a structural stability which is important when working with older buildings or shops. It’s like using caulk on steroids.

Why is Ag-tite so durable? The answer of that question if found in our patented high density polyurethane technology. When the sealant is sprayed on a surface, the high density of the chemistry not only allows tremendous adhesion, but a very smooth ag seal surface. This smooth air barrier surface gives very little opportunity for the elements to find a way to penetrate into the material. When you have a smooth surface and great adhesion, you get a sealant that will last a long time.

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