Poultry House Air Purification

The Poultry House Air Purification program starts with the application of the Agri24K because it provides a FAM ( Fresh Air Makeup ) for filtered outside air to be drawn into the house with a 650CFM blower, then pushed through the MCI PRV24K and into a 10″ lay flat perforated tube along with length of the house to provide MCI technology through the barn to reduce contamination, VOC’s and orders associated with the grow out process.

The Agri24k provides a very affordable way to bring air purification to a poultry house and when used in conjunction with sealing the poultry barn with the Ag-tite platform, the combination gives improved energy efficiency and increased bird yield because of the improvement in the air quality.

This provides a cleaner, healthier environment for the workers and the animals. This system DOES NOT have to be conditioned space and even under negative pressure, enough MCI technology can be distributed to the room to reduce or eliminate micro biologicals and odors. The Agri24K can be upgraded to the Agri48K by the simple addition of another DBI cell.

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