Sealants Technologies Licensing

Since you’re on this page, it’s likely that you are asking one of the following questions:

• “Can I partner with Ag-Tite ?”

• “How do I arrange for an interview with Sealant Technologies ?”

• “Can we sell our products through Sealant Technologies?”

.. or something similar that involves Sealant Technologies investing either time or money to create a joint venture, partnership or affiliate relationship with you or your company.

To save both parties a lot of time, this page is intended to help you understand what kind of business relationships we seek out at Sealant Technologies, Inc. and to ensure that we’re actually able to help each other.

The root of partnership success is mutual value creation, which means everyone involved is better off for having done a project or deal together. We call it business synergy where one + one = three.

We get approached with a lot of “opportunities” and are very selective about joint ventures and partnerships that we get involved with.

We’re also extremely protective of our reputation, our brand, our intellectual property and our sealant technology and therefore are cautious about who we do business with. William Collins and his team are known to have a great internet presence and that is because we work with Pull Marketing, LLC which is a company that is skilled at creating a brand via the web. Finally,  we are committed to our current clients and not afraid to walk away from anything or anybody.

In the order of importance, here is a list of the primary factors that determine whether or not a partnership or joint venture is likely to be something we will entertain:


This is a biggie. Our reputation is the most important thing to us and anything we consider must be something that does NOT hurt or damage our brand, but contributes and empowers it. If we Google you, it needs to be good stuff. Try Googling us, and you’ll find nothing but good news. We work hard at that, and don’t intend to compromise it.

Is what you are proposing going to enhance our reputation? Will it have our clients thinking better and more of us, or less? What is your reputation,  and is it one that complements and benefits ours?

We Walk The Talk

Simply put, we don’t pitch garbage to our clients. We don’t promise them things that cannot be delivered (and proven) and if we feel something does not genuinely and practically leave them better off, we pass on the opportunity no matter how great it may sound. Our focus is to bring great value to our customers and that’s why they remain so loyal (and responsive) to us


One of the major mistakes most people make is trying to market the right product or service to the wrong market. We know our audience very well and what they are looking for. Our target market is entrepreneurs, investors, service businesses, professionals, agribusinesses, construction professionals and the growing industry of energy efficiency. They don’t respond to over-the-top hype and they expect great value in everything, whether it’s the free content or a product or service they invest in.

Economic Benefit

Yes, the evil clutch of capitalism is alive and well. It’s important that you recognize that aside from our reputation, our client and prospect list is the single most valuable asset we have. We treat it that way. Every email we send has an opportunity cost associated with it, so we need to know that we’re going to get a strong economic return on investing our time and efforts with you.

Lifetime Value

We’re not interested in quick cash, one time efforts or fleeting promotions that don’t build towards a long-term relationship. We only do business with people we want to grow old with. We’re looking to build fewer, deeper relationships with great people that are fun, have massive integrity and are looking to work together for a long time.


So, those are some of our guidelines. If what we have presented here still fits into your belief that together we can both benefit, then you are free to contact Sealant Technologies with your proposal and we look forward to reviewing your ideas and strategies.

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