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Sealant Technologies, Inc is a sealing solutions company serving the marketplace with a seamless integration of patented chemicals, equipment and processes.

The company has resources and solutions for general construction, building performance, bio-security, agriculture, roofing, corrosion prevention, trailers/containers and many specialty niche markets.

With the introduction of the Patent Pending AireBarrier and Spray Pods, we will strive to become the leader in the emerging spray sealants technology which will allow many businesses to offer energy efficiency as a value proposition to their core business offering.


The vision of Sealant Tech is to provide seamless sealing solutions to the global marketplace through our Patent Pending AireBarrier. 

The company is in business to allow other individuals and businesses to focus on being profitable by providing sealant technology that enables businesses to exceed expectations while meeting project deadlines. Sealant Tech available to provide the right products and equipment and the necessary comprehensive knowledge and instruction to enable efficient and effective implementation and execution.

Core Values

The culture of Sealant Tech is based upon three guiding values that are reflected both internally by company personnel and externally with customers:

  1. Collaboration – Building Enduring Relationships
  2. Responsiveness – Simple, Speedy and Durable Solutions
  3. Excellence – Meeting and Exceeding Expectations
Agricultural Spray Foam Sealants