Ag-tite Barn Foam

Metal buildings come in all shapes, sizes and applications. From large commercial buildings to small tool sheds. Steel building construction has increased rapidly because of its low cost of construction but when it comes to energy efficiency, there are some important issues to consider when using sheet metal. Depending upon the climate that you live in, metal allows for a lot of air and moisture leakage through all of the joints and screwholes. So when looking at insulating a metal building, it is important to understand that the building needs to be sealed tight. This is why Barn Foam is so effective because it will give you a vapor barrier at only 1″ of thickness.

The next important aspect of insulating a metal building is to determine how much insulation value ( R – value ) that you will need, given your climate zone. All areas of the country differ in this respect but the goal is to achieve enough R -Value so that the metal will not condensate moisture when extremely cold temperatures exist. Barn Foam is rated at 5-R per inch so you can get the insulation factor that you need.

Ag-Tite Barn Foam is built specifically to work on metal buildings, agricultural barns, shops and garages. This foam is a hybrid of closed cell and open cell technology so that the product will seal and insulate. At a 5-R, it also will give you the insulation value you will need on either the sidewalls or the roofline.

Manufacturing Metal Building

Building Dimensions: 150′ L x 50 ‘ Wide

Insulated Sidewalls With A Minimum Of 1.5″ of Ag-Tite Barn Foam

Wall Sprayed With Barn Foam Which Is Tan In Color



Agricultural Spray Foam Sealants