AgSealants Black Sealant Is Like Caulk On Steroids

The AgSealants Black Sealants are the first in our series of sealants that are designed to be durable, even if it is left exposed. It’s hard shell and heavy density creates an air barrier by stopping not only air, but moisture too. The black color will not fade and it will look good, even after years of ware. Farmers need a durable agseal to tighten up their buildings and the AgSealants Black Sealant developed by Sealant Technologies has proven itself to work in many applications in the poultry, turkey, hog and agricultural industries. They are like caulk on steriods.

Where can AgSealants Black Sealant be used? The possibilities are endless as it can flex seal most any building type. It has been used to seal cracks, joints, walls, roofs, ridgecaps, eves or even used to build walls where none existed before. It has also been used to flex seal up trailers, tanks, floors and even used in industrial applications like boilers and storage buildings.

Poultry House Applications

The AgSealants Black Sealant which was created by Sealant Technologies, can be used on a poultry farm to create an air barrier throughout the small joints or cracks or it could be used to completely seal up the entire wall section which allows the house to be energy retrofitted and save 35% or more in propane useage each and every year ( See Energy Retrofits Section ).

This is because of this sealant is an air barrier and it is patented. Because of its unique chemistry, it will adhere to building material including wood, plastic, metal and concrete. This gives the black sealant the flexibility to stick to anything that is already in the poultry house, no matter what the age of the building. The biggest benefit in using Ag-tite ag sealants are that they are quick. In a normal situation, a 400′ poultry house can be completely sealed up and saving significant energy in one to two days.

Demonstration of Sealant Technologies Spray Pod & Power Pod

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Hog Pen Applications

Hog pens are often built with metal sheeting and can leak at the footer joints where the sidewall meets the metal. The AgSealants Black Sealant can repair and seal any of the loose joints while creating a vapor barrier between the building and the pen. There are also considerable opportunities to repair and ag seal old metal roofs which can quite expensive to replace. Give Sealant Technologies a call to get an estimate as to the savings that can be achieved through sealing the older rusted out parts of your hog pen. Because of the tremendous adhesion capabilities of the sealants, it is like using caulk on steriods.

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