Ag-Tite Black Sealant in Cans – For the do-it-yourselfer


This is the only sealant system in cans designed specifically for the farm. Why is it so good ? Because it works . All of the can foams that are in the market are not manufactured with the farmer in mind. Most are white, open cell foam products which expand a lot and use air to insulate. Once they have been put into an agricultural enviornment the moisture will get into the product and break it apart. Also, all of the other products have gun or nozzle systems that stop up easily so even when you are using them they will not allow you to use all of the product that is in the can. Finally, they are not priced with the farmer in mind. AG-TITE sealant in 24oz cans along with the cleaner and gun is the least expensive system that is in the market today.


So what makes the Ag-Tite sealant in cans so good? We are glad that you asked? First, the product is a closed cell sealant which means that it will hold up in even the most severe environments. It will block moisture and air and because it is minimal expansion which means that it doesn’t ” puff up ” much, many of bugs and rodents will not try to find a home in it. Also, because it is black it will help to blacken your poultry house, if that is the business that you are in and it will not show dirt and dust and look unclean over time.

APPLICATIONS Joints between boards Seal Freezer Boards Tighten Up Cool Cells Repair Old Insulation

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