Hot Box

The Hot Box was first developed to heat the Spray Pods poultry spray foam chemicals, but it can also keep other chemicals, paints and coatings warm so that you can spray them at the right temperature. This effect happens because of the way atoms gain and release energy. Since heat, or thermal energy, is always trying to reach equilibrium with its surroundings and make everything the same temperature, it naturally flows from hot areas to cold areas.

The Hot Box is sealed and insulated so that it will hold temperature, no matter how cold it gets outside. The Hot Box can be build to hold 1, 2 or even 4 buckets or pails and is easy to wash out and clean in case there is a spill. The Hot Box is portable so it can be used in many different projects and can be locked down or even used for other types of storage where items need to be kept dry and warm.

Skilled craftsmen know that warm caulk and chemicals flows freely, and fills better, resulting in smoother joints with better adhesion and sealing. But up to now, the options for keeping chemicals warm have been primitive at best, ranging from keeping pails and canisters in boxes or buckets with trouble lights, running the truck and keeping the product in the warm vehicle, or putting them in a bucket of warm water or a cooler with a hot water bottle inside.

The Hot Box is the most efficient method for heat soaking temperature sensitive items including cold patch asphalt, roofing materials, paint, caulking, food products, and job site materials. Hot Box enclosure creates a heated environment that is easily maintained with an adjustable thermostat. Create, control and maintain a heated environment for fast and effective heat soaking in.

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