Ag-Tite Sealants Allows You To Build In Energy Efficiency

Traditionally, agricultural buildings have been build with little considertion about building in energy efficency. This is because energy has historically been inexpensive. Also, due to the overall cost of a poultry house or hog pen, the building material that is used is often the least expensive available. With record energy costs now an increasing cost in the operation of that building, it is important to consider new designs that would include the use of any of the Ag-Tite products to reduce the operational costs over the 10 to 20 years that the facility will be in use.


EDGE Enterprises can assist in the design of a new agricultural building because we have many installations to show the value of using Ag-Tite sealants instead of traditional insulation materials. In some cases, it can actually save money in the actual construction costs by using our products because they are not only efficient but in the case of our soy sealant, it is also structural.

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