Primary Breeders Find Biosecurity and Energy Savings With AgSealants

Primary breeders have very specific needs when it comes to bio security and energy savings. Because many of the building complexes must be controlled to prevent contamination from outside contractors or other workers, the initial challenge is to have a system which can limit or eliminate any opportunity to bring contaminants into the complex from the outside.

Also, once the spray equipment and personnel have entered the grounds, the AgSealants system must not only be durable but also provide an agseal with a protective bio security capability.

For over 3 years, Sealant Technologies has pioneered a sealant system which is designed specifically for primary breeder use. The management team has over 12 years of experience in poultry bio security which has allowed for the development of a very specific process which allows a primary breeder company to significantly improve their breeding environment while receiving an energy R.O.I. which can, all but pay for the improvements.

Agricultural Spray Foam Sealants