Do You Have Questions About Ag-Tite Sealants?

Q: Will bugs and rodents eat Ag-Tite because it is made of soy?

A:Ag-Tite Soy Sealant is a polyurethane blended product. Basically it is plastic. We use soy oil vs petroleum oil which is what makes our product unique. What we have found it that bugs and rodents will try to find a way to harbor in the material because they are looking for ways to build a home. We have found ways to address this with the Ag-Tite program ( See Darkling Beetle Section )

Q: How much does an installation of Ag-Tite cost?

A: The Ag-Tite program allows the farmer to decide what he wants to seal based upon his budget. We have done installations where we have sealed up entire poultry houses for $7,000/house and then offer our Ag-Tite in cans and the farmer can fill all of the cracks and joints in his building for as little as $20.

Q:How much Ag-Tite should I put on?

A:Ag-Tite is the world’s only agricultural sealant program and because of our extensive experience in this area of business we have come to find that the #1 issue is to seal air and water which will result in a dramatic energy savings for any building. Because of that, we have designed our products to primarily seal. They are not designed to insulate although they do that also. So the answer is, use enough Ag-Tite to seal or cover over the joint, crack or opening.

Q: What is the difference between Ag-Tite Soy Sealant and Ag-Tite Thermal Sealant?

A: Ag-Tite Soy Sealant is built from a polyurethane soy based chemistry and while it is designed to seal it also provides some insulation properties. The Ag-Tite Thermal Sealant is an elastomeric water based sealant which is designed to seal and protect a surface, but it does not insulate. The Soy Sealant is designed to cover or fill large areas while the Thermal Sealant is used mostly for maintenance projects. In general, the Thermal Sealant is about half the cost of the Soy Sealant.

Q: How much coverage is there with the Ag-Tite Can Sealant products?

A: The 24 oz cans will allow you to cover over 3,000 linear feet at a 1/4″ bead. The 16lb canisters will cover the equivalent of 10 of the 24 oz cans.

Q: How much energy will I save if I use the Ag-Tite Sealants?

A: The reason that we provide a complete sealant program is so that the farmer can address the needs of his buildings based upon his budget. While we have seen savings of 50% or more in some of our installations, those tend to be projects where we will seal up the entire walls. The bottomline is that anything done to seal a crack or joint will show a savings to the farmer.

Q: How much will my static pressure go up if I use Ag-Tite Sealants?

A: In poultry broiler houses, we have been able to equate a tighter house to an increase in static pressure. This of course is dependent upon the size and age of the house but as a general rule, if you can double your static pressure, you could see anywhere from a 25% – 50% reduction in energy useage.

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