Ag-Tite Special Reports keep the farmer up to date on our changing technologies

Ag-Tite Special Reports

Special Report #1
The Least Expensive Way To Seal Your Poultry House

This report shows the farmer the least expensive way seal up his agricultural building without having to spend a lot of money. It addresses the best way to pick the ” low hanging fruit ” for any energy saving project by using ag sealants designed for agricultural applications.

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How To Save Big $$$ Retrofitting Poultry Houses

This report gives the poultry farmer some alternatives when considering a retrofit project that converts his traditionally vented houses to tunnel ventilation. Ag-Tite sealants can save time, money and years of energy useage.

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Save Big $$$ Building & Operating New Poultry Houses

This report is a case study of a new construction project where a farmer used Ag-Tite ag sealants instead of the traditional insulation package. He was able to build the houses for less cost and he received in return a more energy efficient building.

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Curtain Preparation

This report helps the poultry farmer prepare his curtains if he is looking to use Ag-Tite sealants to go from a traditionally vented house to a tunnel ventilated system.

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Fogging Your Ag Building

This report shows a farmer or anyone, a tool that allows any agricultural building to be effectively fogged so that air leaks can be found.

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