Ag-Tite Plus Soy Sealant for those heavy duty agricultural projects


Ag-Tite Plus Soy Sealant is the heavy density version of our soy sealant line of products and it gives the farmer a rock-like finish when fully cured. This product can be used in areas that generally receive a lot of exposure and abuse. Because the product will lay close against the surface, there is very litte opportunity to peel or tear this black sealant once it has been applied. I will also offer protection from moisture transfer and condensation, especially on poris material like concrete.

What is the difference between Ag-Tite and Ag-Tite Plus? While most agricultural applications can be addressed with Ag-Tite, there are special situations that require Ag-Tite Plus and here is why.

1. Ag-Tite Plus is a very dense ( 6lb ) polyurethane soy based sealant so it withstand constant abuse without cracking, breaking or pealing.

2. Ag-Tite Plus will sit flat on any surface so it will seal but also give some insulation value.

3. Ag-Tite Plus will adhere to almost any surface, even if the surface gets wet so once applied, it will stay attached.

4. Ag-Tite Plus is black so it will blend in with almost any agricultural environment.

APPLICATIONS Fixing Cracks in Cement Sealing Footer Joints Mending High Traffic Areas

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