Soy Sealant

Ag-Tite Soy Sealant is the world’s first and only black closed cell polyurethane sealant that is designed specifically for the tough agricultural environment. It’s heavy 3lb. density and hard surface finish allows the product to not only seal but to give protection from insects and rodents. The unique black color will hold up well over time and gives the inside of any building a very good finished look. The fact that this product is soy means that we support the American farmer, not only when this product is applied, but when it is manufactured which is why we say that the AG-Tite Soy Sealant was grown on the farm.

So why does Ag-Tite black soy sealant work so well? Because we designed our product to deal with the harsh agricultural environment no matter where it is used. Here are some of the features and benefits which you will find only in Ag-Tite

1. Ag-Tite has twice the density of any other polyurethane product in the market so even a thin layer will seal almost any joint.

2. Ag-Tite is black so that it can be used to darken the environment, such as a poultry house. It will also show where air and light are coming in so that there is no guesswork as to if the it has sealed.

3. Ag-Tite has a Class 1 fire rating and is the only product that has been E-84 tested as an agricultural sealant.

4. Ag-Tite is soy based so we do not use any petroleum based oil. This saves valueable natural resources for our country.

5. Ag-Tite is desiged to cure with a hard surface. This allows our product to withstand very tough conditions and increases its structural stability.


Many hog pens are built of metal siding which will not only leak moist air but will also offer very little heat or cooling control. This can lead to higher mortality rates and increased diseases. Ag-Tite can be used to seal up any sheet metal and because it is so durable it can withstand the wear and tear of the every day operations that are typical in a hog pens. Also, Ag-Tite Plus can be very effective in sealing up the footer joints which are often either not sealed or have been fixed in some way but do not hold up.


Horse trailers have very specific issues when it comes to sealing and insulating them. Let’s look at some of the challenges that a horse own faces when they build a new trailer or retrofit an older one. 1. Because the trialer is mobile, metal and joints can bend or break while traveling down the road 2. Traditional insulation does not seal then the joint will leak air or water 3. Since most trailers are built of aluminum or some type of metal, they get hot or cold quickly 4. Due to high fuel costs, any material that is use in horse trailers must be light and durable 5. Many trailers have very elaborate designs so it is difficult to seal critical areas such as freezerboards and floor joints

The good news is that Ag-Tite Sealants address all of the traditional challenges that the owner or manufacturer of a horse trailer have when it comes to sealing and insulating. Here is why:

1. Ag-Tite can be sprayed on any surface including aluminum, metal, wood or fiberglass 2. Ag-Tite is light so it will not weigh the trailer down 3. Ag-Tite does exactly what the names says, it seals so anything as small as a pinhole opening can be covered 4. Ag-Tite has been tested in some of the harshest environments so it is durable and will hold up for years 5. Ag-Tite can be used inside or on the undercarriage of the trailer



Older residential houses that are being retrofitted offer an excellent opportunity to use Ag-Tite Soy Sealant. Many times the house is all but gutted, stripping the wall all the way down to the exterior shell. For many reasons the drywall is removed and because the houses are older, the insulation needs to be replaced in the process.

I projects like this, it is very cost effective to come into a residential house and depending upon the size the structure, the entire envelop can be sealed for $1,000 – $3,000. The advantages of this application are many:

1) The exterior walls would be sealed up so that no air or moisture could penetrate into the house.

2) Mold and other growth would be block because a 1/2″ of the Ag-Tite Soy Sealant will act as a vapor barrier.

3) The wall is strengthened because the Ag-Tite Soy Sealant actually increased the structural stability of a wall.

4) The house is much more energy efficient because Ag-tite Soy Sealant will add additional R-Value to the wall or roof line.

5) Once the house has been sealed, the contractor can come continue to rebuild the house in the conventional way, by adding fiberglass or other batting material to achieve the necessary code compliance for that area of the country.

6) Even where there may be areas of the house that need retrofitting, the Ag-Tite Soy Sealant will stick to any material, so no matter what it is, the product will work in any situation.

Please contact Ag-tite for further benefits of sealing up a residential house, especially if you are looking for energy efficiency once the project is completed.




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