Spray pods

The Spray Pod was created to allow the agricultural industry to inexpensively tighten and seal barns, pullet houses, storage buildings and many other facilities on the farm. The Spray Pod can deliver almost any poultry spray foam that is necessary including polyurethane spray foams many different coatings. Of course, the Spray Pod can also spray the patent pending AireBarrier, which can create an air barrier in any ag building. If you can use a paint spray system, you can operate a Spray Pod. A Spray Pod can apply most two component chemicals including spray foam and spray sealants.

Priced @ $18,000.00*
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Because the Spray Pod is a portable spray foam machine, you know you will get the performance and durability of a well designed system. They are very flexible and user friendly and in conjunction with our Power Pods, the Spray Pod can be used just about anywhere on your farm. Select from any one of our Ag-Tite air barriers or spray foams which allows you to bring the right solutions to your agriculture building and to provide the energy savings that you are looking for.

Why The Spray Pod Works Well

Also, because it has a Graco name, you can be assured of a long service life for the machine as it is a real workhorse. The Spray Pod machines have been out in the market for year’s and they are proven to be very reliable.

Spray Pod Applying AireBarrier

The Spray Pod is perfect for those farmers who operate a large complex and are looking for a way to significantly reduce their energy. Whether there is a little or a lot of work, the Spray Pod 1.0 allows anyone to do regular maintenance projects quickly so that the building can be put back into production rapidly. The patented chemistry of the AireBarrier allows for adhesion to almost any surface and the hard shell allows for years of durability in even the harshest of conditions.

Agricultural Spray Foam Sealants