Ag-tite Black Bio Sealant

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Ag-tite Black Bio Sealant is the world’s first polyurethane based spray product that is designed to be durable, even if it is left exposed. It’s hard shell and heavy density allow for it to seal out not only air, but moisture too because it acts as a vapor barrier after it has been applied. The black color will not fade and it will look good, even after years of ware. Because the black bio sealant is made of reuseable resources, it has been listed under the U.S.D.A. BioPreferred Program which promotes renewable resources to help sustain building structures and to save energy. The Ag-tite Bio Sealant can be used on a poultry farm to seal up small joints or crack or it could be used to completely seal up the entire wall section which allows the house to be energy retrofitted and save 35% or more in propane useage each and every year ( See Energy Retrofits Section ). Because of its unique chemistry, it will adhere to building material including wood, plastic, metal and concrete. This gives the black bio sealant the flexibility to seal anything that is already in the poultry house, no matter what the age of the building. The biggest benefit in using this Ag-tite sealant is that it is quick. In a normal situation, a 400′ poultry house can be completely sealed up and saving significant energy in one day.

Hog pens are often build with metal sheeting and can leak at the footer joints where the metal meets the sidewall. The Ag-tite Black Bio Sealant can repair and seal any of the loose joints while creating a vapor barrier between the building and the pen. There are also considerable opportunities to repair and seal old metal roofs which can quite expensive to replace. Give Ag-tite a call to get an estimate as to the savings that can be achieved through sealing the older rusted out parts of your hog pen.

Many horse trailers use inferior insulation systems or in some cases, they have no protective barrier in the roof which can cause stress on the animals, especially in areas that see extremely hot temperatures. The Ag-tite Bio Sealant can be use an many areas of a horse trailer to seal and insulate areas that are exposed and need protection.

This is probably one of the more unique applications for the Ag-tite Bio Sealant. Many older houses that are gutted and then retrofitted find that it is hard to build in structural stability and energy efficiency. It is extremely easy to go into an older existing house and spray seal the walls prior to putting in traditional insulation and drywall. The Ag-tite Bio Sealant can seal all of the small cracks and give the walls some structural integrity while allowing the builder to use traditional insulation such as fiberglass to make the building energy efficient.



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