Peak Oil Paradigm

The high cost of energy. It is on everyone’s talking points. You can’t have a discussion with any of your friends without bringing up the subject as it is impacting all aspects of our lives. We see how this impacts us at the grocery store, at the gas station and in the cost of heating and cooling our homes. The subject of energy may in fact end up being the number one issue in our upcoming politic campaign.

So what is the solution to the high cost of energy? The suggested answers to that question are as varied as the person that you asking. There is certainly a lot of blame that is being pointed out, but getting rock solid implementable solutions are hard to find. One thing most agree upon is that there are no quick fixes.

Perhaps one way to begin the discussion is to first identify the issues. When facts are presented then it is much easier to begin to determine solutions and one of the primary issues which we are all dealing with is the concept of Peak Oil.

“We can not solve the current problems we face at the level of thinking that we created them”

– Elbert Einstein

No other sector is as impacted by high energy prices as the agricultural industry. We have seen this in escalating prices of food around the world and the stress that this is putting on the individual farmer is tremendous. The following article highlights just some of the factors of Peak Oil that all of us are facing and it gives a framework by which to make decisions going forward, especially for the agricultural industry.

Please Click This Link To View The Article On Peak Oil

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