Power Pods

Introducing the Power Pods which brings a generator compressor system to the farm. The Power Pods can be used in conjunction with the Spray Pods or any of your other farm equipment to allow you to do your work easily and quickly. This brings a generator compressor combo to any other tools that you may have to use on your farm to complete your project.

The Power Pods are a combination of using a Winco Generator System and a Dewalt Air Compressor. Both are connected through a patent pending bracket that allow each power system to work in conjunction. The bracket is universal so it can be used on most portable power systems so if the customer already has some equipment, they could just use the bracket to join both systems.

Spray Pods are an upgraded Graco spray system which are ideal for spraying many different poultry spray foams, spray sealants and coating on the farm. The Power Pods are fitted perfectly to operate the Spray Pods and together they form a package that can all, but fix anything on a large farm operation.

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Agricultural Spray Foam Sealants