Hen Layer Complexes Save Big Energy With AgSealants


With the recent outbreak of Samonella, many hen laying operations are looking for fast and affordable ways to improve their biosecurity efforts. The most affordable option is to purchase an Sealant Technologies Spray Pod to apply the proven AgSealants program to your facility. Since AgSealants offer so many different foams, sealants and coatings, management can be assured that many maintenance projects that require fast, affordable agseal solutions can be put together.. AgSealants can be less expensive than traditional building material alternatives and many projects can be fixed much faster than traditional building solutions.

At its core, the AgSealants program is designed for day to day maintenance projects and since it is very easy to operate, even a person with a general understanding of mechanical systems will be able to run a Spray Pod. A two man crew could spray approximately 1,000 – 3,000 square or linear feet a day which allows a lot of work to be completed quickly. But the real benefit comes when the project is completed, there is an agseal on the wall that will now allow energy saving which pays for the project quickly through Energy R.O.I..

Agricultural Spray Foam Sealants